Down In A Hole and i Dont know if I can be saved

The picture of Jeff driving is the cutest thing. 


Jeff Ament, a ray of sunshine

As Photographed by Lance Mercer 1992-1995

Does anyone have that book of picures of Pearl Jam I cant remember what its name is?

I still havent gotten my email from the ACT and its freaking me out that it sent to someones elses and thats why my passwords not working and someone has all my stuff. 

posted 21 hours ago

I am crazy for 80s music what. 


"somos Pearl Jam y estos es mtv"

The cute guy who walks down my street sometimes walked past me today and I know if I wasnt ugly or fat he might have talked to me. I dont know but the fat and ugliness didnt help. 

Taking a walk and listening to Pearl Jam makes me remember how its been about a year since I started really listening to them and only had enough money to buy one of their albums cause I just got my iPod opened and bought ten and would listen to it on every walk now I have almost every album and love them and theres a song for every mood.